Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playlist of my life. :)

Music is powerful. You can hear a song and be taken back in time. I was making a playlist the other day and realized how many experiences I've had have been shaped by music. I'd like to share just some of the songs that take me back, make me happy, or just "fit". :)

"Jesus Loves Me" I accepted Christ early in life. In my elementary understanding, I knew He loved me and I wanted to love Him back!
"Livin' in a Moment" by Ty Herndon. All my mom ever listened to and still listens to is country. I remember being a little kid and being able to recite every word of this song.
"Love Liberty Disco" by the Newsboys. My cousins and I made up a dance to this song. We had some good times back then. :)
"Watch the Lamb" by Ray Boltz. The video made me cry when I was younger. Time hasn't changed it!
"Survivor" by Destiny's Child. For some reason I distinctly remember this being played when we had a DJ at my elementary school for beach day. It was my 5th grade year so it was the last time I enjoyed "beach day" for the last day of school.
"Lady Marmalade" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I watched this at a sleepover for Alexa's birthday party one year. Now THAT was super fun. I think we went to see Hitch the next day...that could have been a different year, but the timing is right. We had some fun times together!
"Your Man" by Josh Turner. First slow dance song. Self explanatory.
"Love Song for a Savior" by Jars of Clay. "I want to fall in love with You..." I remember feeling like I was falling in love with Jesus for the first time when I was about 14. Because I was. My understanding up to that point was so minimal! I was a "good girl" but I never realized that God loved me enough to have a plan for my life that fit into His purpose. Incredible.
"Getting into You" by Relient K. "I'm getting into you, because you got to me, in a way words can't describe...I'm gonna love you with my life."
"Whatever You're Doing" by Sanctus Real. In high school, I remember feeling like I was about to burst for wanting to do something more than what I was doing. I felt like there was chaos inside me because I didn't know what to do with all that He was showing me at the time. Little did I know He was only beginning! :)
"Forever and for Always" by Shania Twain. Well, that didn't happen. Had some good times but in the end I learned a lot about myself. I was so dumb. Lol.
"Stand in the Rain" by Superchick. This was my anthem in a time when I made a tough decision in high school. I would blast it on the way to school some mornings!
"Laughed Until We Cried" by Jason Aldean. South Effingham High School class of '09 graduation song. :)
"Undo it" by Carrie Underwood. This one played a lot in my dorm room last semester! Haha.
"How He Loves" by David Crowder Band. Who doesn't relate to this song? Specifically, though, it was the theme song for Georgia Mountain Vida Nueva #31, where I had the opportunity to love on some beautiful girls to show them how much they are loved. :) It was an awesome experience, as was my own VN in March of 2010. God is so good!
"God of this City" by Bluetree. I want to GO places to carry the name of Jesus. How blessed I am that He's shown me just a piece of how big His plans are for me! Brazil and Maryland all in one year!
"Beautiful Somehow" by Joy Williams. This one could have been anywhere from high school till now. It's my happy, feel good song. :) "Well I've never been a fashion queen, I wear dresses, I wear jeans. I've even been known to wear my heart on my sleeve..."
The whole Passion 2011 CD, not even out yet! Talk about an awakening... I could go on and on about this. 2011 has been the best year so far in my life, and it started with Passion. God has drawn me near to Him and has opened my eyes to the joy of knowing Him more and more everyday. He's given me passions that are unique to His plan for me, and is giving me the freedom to enjoy them! He is SO GOOD!
"The First Cut is the Deepest" by Sheryl Crow. The lyrics are self explanatory. It's been a process of letting go of the past and looking forward, but Jesus continues to surround me with His perfect love. He is my satisfaction, my everything. I believe and I know that He frees me from past mistakes and gives me the freedom to look forward to whatever He has for me. He is my everything!
"Sing My Love" by Jesus Culture. This is another happy song for me. I love to sing it at the top of my lungs, just to shout how much I love Him! With all that He has done in my life thus far this year, I cannot help but praise. He is like breathing to me...He is life, He is everything! 

Again, this is in no way all inclusive of every song that means something to me. But it was fun! What are some songs that have shaped your life? :)

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